New information about the upcoming WhatsApp feature

The feature of opening multiple accounts on WhatsApp on a number of devices at the same time is one of the features that are highly requested and expected by users, and the first signs of this appeared at the beginning of this month, and now we are facing new information that reveals the mechanism of this feature.

And a lot of news and rumors about WhatsApp preparing a new feature that enables the user to open his account on more than one device at the same time has been circulating during the past weeks and months, before this news was confirmed during the past days, as the “WABetaInfo” website quoted Both Mark Zuckerberg and Will Catcart confirmed that WhatsApp will soon receive an update that allows users to open their account on four devices at the same time, as Mark Zuckerberg said in his comment on the topic that this matter was a real technical challenge to synchronize all messages and content between devices, Even when the smartphone battery is empty.

Open multiple accounts on WhatsApp

According to this, it will be easy for the user to switch his follow-up to the application from one device to another according to the day and his movements during that day, as it is possible to use the smartphone in public transportation, and then computers in the office, and then the tablet computer on the sofa of the house or Sleeping bed, and that’s about four devices, but the new information indicates that the switch will not be possible to connect the account to two smartphones at the same time.

For reference, Will Cathcart, CEO of WhatsApp, has indicated that the new feature will be available in its beta version first, within the next two months.