YouTube is testing the new YouTube Premium Lite service, get to know it

For 6.99 euros per month, the new version of YouTube Premium Lite allows us to remove all YouTube ads with a monthly payment, and unlike the student plan, this new single plan does not require any kind of identification as anyone can rent it.

YouTube has payment plans, through YouTube Premium, that prevent you from having to watch ads when you watch videos on the platform. The Google-owned social network has now announced a novelty with its “Premium Lite” mode.

Google is making a more affordable premium subscription tier for its YouTube video platform, according to The Verge, noting that this new offering offers ad-free viewing without other YouTube Premium features like offline downloads or background play.

And always, according to The Verge, the YouTube platform later confirmed the offer of the test in a statement submitted to the specialized site, and the Premium Lite platform is currently being tested in a number of northern European countries, namely Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, and a YouTube spokesperson said For The Verge “In the Nordic and Benelux countries (excluding Iceland), we are testing a new offering to give users more options: Premium Lite costs €6.99 per month (or local equivalent per month) and includes ad-free YouTube videos.

In its report, The Verge clarified that the Premium Lite offer includes ad-free viewing across the main YouTube web app, iOS, Android, smart TVs and game consoles, as well as in the YouTube Kids app. However, it doesn’t include any YouTube Music features like ad-free listening, and it doesn’t include other Premium features like background playback (when you want to switch to another app while still listening to audio from a YouTube video), or offline downloads.

The new YouTube Premium Lite allows you to avoid YouTube ads for the same price as the current Student Plan i.e., 6.99 € per month article.

With this new ad, those who want to pay to use YouTube and avoid ads now have four plans. On the other hand, Single, Family, and Student plans allow you, in addition to watching videos without ads, the plan allows you to download these contents, play them in the background, and access YouTube Music without ads.

This Premium Lite was initially available in Finland and Sweden, now it has arrived in other countries of the world.