Now download Google Chrome 94: All the new features in the browser

Download Google Chrome 94 with new features

A few weeks after the release of Chrome 93, Google was ready to start rolling out the new version of Chrome, thus complying with the new schedule of releasing browser updates every four weeks, not every six weeks as it didn’t happen until recently.

So, from today Google Chrome 94 can be downloaded for computers running Windows and macOS. Later, the new version will be available on major mobile platforms.

Google Chrome 94’s first great novelty consists of a comprehensive overhaul of the browser’s settings page. Now, the settings menu is divided into several sections, and only the options for this section will appear on the screen, which is necessary to access the rest of the sections to be able to access their various settings.

In previous versions, all functionality appeared on the same page, in the form of a menu, so this change is intended to simplify the experience when changing browser settings.

On the other hand, Google has released a new Chrome news webpage, where all changes that arrive with each browser update will be displayed.

Chrome in the new update also aims to improve the user experience when it comes to sharing content from the browser. Now, the desktop version of Chrome is inspired by the Android version to integrate an option that allows you to share links, generate QR codes, stream content or save pages from the same menu that unifies all the functionality related to sending content.

This function is deactivated by default, and to enable it it is necessary to activate in the browser through the entry address to the following link:


The rest of the changes are aimed at improving browser security, including the HTTPS-First functionality that forces websites to load over HTTPS and displays a warning on those webpages where this is not possible. Support for downloading files has also been added. mobileconfig and open it on iOS devices, the option to select multiple pages from the network of open tabs on iOS to perform batch actions is also included.

Google Chrome 94 has already started arriving via a browser update, and is available for download on both Windows and macOS. In the coming days, the update should also arrive for both Android and iOS.