Now replace your broken iPhone 13 screen with ease

Hardware specialists have found that those who decide to repair their iPhone 13 screen on their own or at independent stores will be left without the unlock system that users prefer.

Phone Repair Guru channel recently uploaded a new video in which they disassemble the new iPhone 13, and after replacing and disassembling the screen, the expert came across a very unpromising discovery.

And it looks like Apple customers who want to change their iPhone 13 screen will have to do so through Apple if they don’t want to lose Face ID technology.

Although the third-party fix works without issue for issues like microphone, ambient light sensor, or proximity sensor, Face ID is not activated in any way.

Of course, it seems that this technology can be reactivated, but the steps needed for a third party to activate Face ID are quite complicated, so it is certain that few experts can do it.

This conflicts with the right to repair that has been approved in both Europe and the US, so we understand that Apple will have to be involved in this in order to make the process of repairing the screens of the new iPhone 13 a lot easier.