Official: Google Search no longer supports Internet Explorer 11

Google has definitely turned its back on Internet Explorer 11 in its search engine, although you’ll be able to continue using it with a more primitive and insecure search experience.

Perhaps the feature you use the most when accessing the Internet is Google’s search engine, which is the page that allows you to access the searches you crave to find the webpage you need, but if you’re using an old browser like Internet Explorer 11, you’re sure to You will already face a series of changes.

Which is that although Internet Explorer 11 actually ended its support last August, it still has more than 1% of users who use it, and when we talk about the huge number of devices connected to the Internet, we are talking about millions and millions of computers.

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 11 in 2013 as part of Windows 8.1 version and it has been used a lot on other memorable systems like Windows 7 as well.

But it seems that it is no longer profitable for Google to make its search engine compatible with Internet Explorer 11, as maintaining the various web applications and search engine features in an already technically outdated browser and without security support can be a risk.

Now according to a tweet from Malte Ubl, one of Google’s engineers, it is reported that Google’s search engine is officially no longer compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

It is worth noting that you will be able to continue using Google in Internet Explorer 11 without any problem, but from now on, you will be offered an alternative, more primitive experience.

In any case, given the large number of browsers on the market that are fully compatible with modern operating systems, the most appropriate decision is to leave Internet Explorer 11 in limbo so that you do not get an unpleasant surprise when browsing the Internet because it no longer has any kind of security support.