Officially: Facebook announces the change of its name to Meta

As expected for a few days, Facebook changed its name with the aim of showing that the company is more than just social networks and apps.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that from now on his empire will run under the name Meta, an apparent reference to the bet on the metaverse.
“From now on, we’ll be the metaverse. Over time, you won’t need to use Facebook to use our other services,” the CEO said.

It is important to note that Facebook, understood as a social network, will continue to operate under the same brand as the rest of the platforms.

The metaverse is a virtual world that expands the physical world into digital, either using augmented reality, avatars, or virtual interfaces. One example is Facebook Horizon, a kind of “Second Life” in virtual reality.

According to Bloomberg calculations, the metaverse’s business could reach $800,000 million in 2024. A sector with huge potential.

For now, the metaverse remains as such an interesting concept rather than a specific tool. During the event, Zuckerberg showed off various videos of his capabilities, from a “metaversian chess game” where two players in different parts of the world face each other or virtual avatars as if you’re talking with real people.

Over the next decade, Zuckerberg expects the metaverse to reach 1 billion users, generate billions of dollars, and help power the millions of creators already working on the Internet. “Facebook was built to connect people, and now we’re going to connect people through the metaverse,” Zuckerberg concluded. A name change that represents a complete transformation of the company. Goodbye to the Facebook we know. It’s time to see what Meta has to offer us.