Password manager app to save passwords with face recognition feature

Facial recognition is one of the security mechanisms that have come in handy from smartphones. Although the fingerprint reader is much easier, there are users who prefer to use the camera to unlock the device. These are not good times for this mechanism,

considering we spend a lot of time with masks. However, we want to offer you a password manager that takes advantage of facial recognition to protect your data.

A new application is a password manager to save your passwords with facial recognition feature

Its name is FaceActNotes, and it is an app for Android where you can save passwords and notes using your face as a master key.

Password managers are very important solutions for any user today. That is, we have dozens of passwords and good practices suggest that they shouldn’t be the same. In this sense, it is essential to always have at hand, without having to remember, a password manager. In their operation, these applications occupy the so-called master key, that is, the only password that we must always remember. But in the case of FaceActNotes you won’t have to remember anything because the master key will be your face.

This application will allow you to save notes and passwords, but in the initial steps of using it, you will have to configure the recognition of your face. It should be noted that the application is completely free and is available at the link at the end of this article.

A password manager with facial recognition is very interesting, especially for those who do not want to remember a master password. To enter, the camera will be activated and by recognizing your face you will be able to see your passwords and have the possibility to start saving new entries and notes. In general, its operation is not much different from other applications of its kind, however, facial recognition is very attractive to complement the security of our passwords.

FaceActNotes download link