Paypal want to buy Pinterest and that’s the huge amount you will pay

According to the latest news, PayPal, the digital payment service that Pinterest is now seeking, has new intentions.

The information came from a Bloomberg report that notes that recently, the California-based PayPal platform contacted the Pinterest team to negotiate a potential purchase.

The information has not been confirmed by any of the parties involved; However, details about the potential purchase price have already been provided.

According to a source cited by the aforementioned source, PayPal could pay close to $70 per share, which means that the total value of the Pinterest purchase would be close to $40 billion.

Speculation surrounding this potential purchase had immediate reactions in the stock market, with shares of Pinterest soaring 12 percent to just over $62.

If this purchase is confirmed, it will confirm PayPal’s expansion strategy, which in recent months has focused on buying new platforms and assets.