Play FIFA 22 for 10 hours – via EA Play Services and Xbox Game Pass

You can play FIFA 22 today for 10 hours

As has been the case in recent years, EA is giving players the chance to try out its newest titles for a limited time prior to the official launch with an EA Play subscription, including FIFA 22 soccer game available later today for subscribers across all platforms for 10 hours only.

The highly anticipated soccer game releases on October 1, and EA Play allows subscribers to pre-download and play the full game for a total of up to 10 hours, with all achievements and progress saved during this period, meaning that if players decide to purchase the title after the trial period ends they will be able to Complete the competitions where they left off.

On the other hand, Xbox players who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate get EA Play as part of their subscription, which means they can download the game and start trying it for 10 hours as well.

FIFA 22 officially releases on October 1, 2021 on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, and in order to try the game before that date, you can touch on the following options:

EA Play service subscription

EA’s digital service that gives you 10% off purchases of FIFA Points and cosmetic rewards in VOLTA Football, as well as 10-hour early access to future publisher games including FIFA 22, where you can try the title starting September 22nd for only 10 hours.

Buy the Ultimate Edition

If you’re willing to buy the special edition soccer game for $99, you’ll be able to try out the full game starting September 27 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.