Predator – Lock your computer with a USB flash drive

The predator program locks the computer by flashing the flash when the flash is placed, the device works and when you pull it from the device it locks the computer

Predator is a free program to lock your computer with USB as a key.

The principle of the program is simple:

Predator creates a master file on a USB drive.

– After startup, the program checks at regular intervals for the presence of this main flash drive and if it does not detect it, it blocks the computer – keyboard and mouse and the screen turns dark.

Simply insert the USB key again to unlock the system.

The key on the flash drive changes periodically, which makes theft useless

  • By copying the key file.

All events related to the program, including hacking attempts, are recorded in the logs.

Task Manager is also disabled during blocking, so Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work.

– If a master flash drive is lost, control can be regained using the master password, which is entered at the beginning.

– There is an audio signal when the input is incorrect


  • Master Password.

– Predator allows you to protect multiple computers with one key,

For example home and work.