PUBG developer shares first details of his upcoming project Prologue

Prologue offers massive, realistic worlds spanning hundreds of kilometers.

A few days ago, we learned that the creator of PUBG left Krafton to found a new development studio called PlayerUnknown Productions to work on completely new projects outside of the Battle Royale theme, and today the developer has shared with us the first details about his upcoming project called Prologue.

Before introducing the popular battle royale game PUBG, Brendan Greene worked as a musician and website designer for some time, before introducing the battle royale game that unexpectedly changed the course of the video game industry in recent years, and after officially announcing his departure from Krafton, here he is sharing with us the first details his next project.

The developer is working on a new game called Prologue – the first teaser was revealed two years ago – that can be considered a technical demonstration of what the developer wants to present in his future projects, and he continued:

We want to create realistic open worlds on a scale rarely attempted, worlds spanning hundreds of kilometers with thousands of players interacting, exploring and creating.

The developer briefly talked about the game, explaining:

You need to find your way through the wilderness and use the tools you find and various resources to survive on a journey where severe weather is your constant opponent. There will be no directions, no exact path to follow, just a huge world, a place on the map to get to, and the tools you need to get to your destination.

There is no specific date for the launch of the game Prologue yet, and the target platforms have not been determined, but it is assumed that more details will be obtained in the coming hours through a press interview conducted by Brendan Greene with VentureBeat.

PUBG developer shares first details of his upcoming project Prologue – an open world survival game