PUBG is free to play on Steam for an entire week

The popular PUBG multiplayer first-person shooter game whose mobile version downloads exceeded one billion downloads globally, with the number of downloads reaching one billion times worldwide, the title was released about three years ago for iOS and Android with its popularity increasing all the time and continuing to achieve success on All levels. Today, it brings good news for fans of the Battle Royale mode, which allows large numbers of players to battle at the same time in a vast open map.

PUBG will be free for a week on Steam exclusively, the offer will start from today to August 16, and any subscriber can try the full version of the game with all its maps available during this period, especially the new Taego map, which is 8×8 kilometers long and wide, which was released Recently, with some modifications, additions and mechanisms, such as the possibility of self-resuscitation after falling to the ground, and the ignition of planes and the outbreak of fire in them. It is rumored that PUBG may turn into a free game in the near future.

If you want to preserve your earnings or experience points that you will get, you must create a Steam account first, play on it, and then purchase the game to complete what you started in this free week. PUBG is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Android systems and iOS, and it is worth noting that the upcoming PUBG New State part that is currently being developed has crossed the 17 million pre-registration barrier.