PunkSpider is the most dangerous site to find vulnerabilities in sites to hack

We can find almost anything on the Internet: we just need to turn to a search engine and in a few seconds we will have those results that we want to get. But what if you are a hacker and what interests you about websites is not the text or images they contain, but the weaknesses that you have?

Well, this category of users will, starting next week, have a specialized search engine for this. Its name is PunkSpider, and it will be released next week, on the occasion of the famous hacker conference Defcon.
Or rather than say it will be launched, should we say it will be revived, given that the same search engine was already active between 2013 and 2015 (and has now received funds from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)) it will come back.

As six years ago, PunkSpider would consist of a suite with specific hardware capable of scanning hundreds of millions of websites daily, then analyzing websites and identifying ‘hackable’ vulnerabilities, thus allowing them to be searched comfortably.

In fact, PunkSpider will allow you to search based on three criteria: the keywords mentioned in the URL, and the type and severity of the vulnerability. And even the easiest: if we install the official extension of the site in the Google Chrome browser, we can automatically check for vulnerabilities in sites while we visit them.
To try it out as soon as it launches next week, head over to this link: PunkSpider