Report: 22 percent of users are still using Windows 7

Although technical and security support for the Windows 7 operating system ended a long time ago, as part of Microsoft’s efforts to support its main operating system, Windows 10, to remain the only and basic operating system, news indicates that there are still those who are still working on this system. .

Microsoft has officially announced the end of technical and security support for its Windows 7 operating system in January of last year 2020, for the public at least, while companies operating in this system benefit from the possibility of extending updates, but for a fee until 2023, but in spite of that, There are many users who still use this system and refuse to move to Windows 10 despite the risks facing them.

According to a report by the famous security company Kaspersky, about 22 percent of computers around the world are still running Windows 7, which is a large number compared to the efforts made by Microsoft in recent months and years to persuade its users to switch to the latest version of its systems, Windows 10, In addition, the Kaspersky report indicates that this number increases to 24 percent if we add to it other overridden versions, such as Windows XP and Windows Vista.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft had launched its Windows 7 operating system for the first time on July 22, 2009.