Reports: Google is developing a foldable screen phone

Many companies have launched into foldable smartphone technology, as the saying that the future of smartphones is foldable phones has already been realized, but a number of companies are still planning to launch this type of phone despite the delay, especially Google.

And a while ago we heard that Google is preparing this year to launch its first experience with smartphones, which is already starting to be confirmed little by little. According to the South Korean website TheElec, Samsung will already start producing foldable OLED screens in October for phones A number of companies, led by Google, in addition to Vivo, as well as the Chinese Xiaomi, reinforce the news that the Google foldable phone will come at the end of 2021.

According to The Verge, the American specialized website, Google published patent applications for its foldable screens in 2019 and admitted that it was designing prototypes for a smartphone with a foldable screen, but now it has advanced significantly in this project, as it has a code name which is Passport,” and according to TheElec, the new phone will have a single 7.6-inch panel that folds inward.

On the other hand, the specialized site 9to5Google monitored a new reference to the Google foldable phone last month in the source code for Android 12, along with other names believed to be the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 5a 5G.