Reports: Twitch source code and other sensitive information leaked

Specialized sites indicated that it appears that the Twitch platform was hacked, which led to the leak of the source code for the company’s broadcast service, as well as details of the creators’ payments. An anonymous poster on the 4chan messaging board released a 125GB torrent file, purporting to include the platform’s total and the date of the fact-check.

According to The Verge, citing the Video Games Chronicle, the site confirms the legitimacy of this leak, and the latter includes: details equal to 3 years regarding creator payments on Twitch, the entirety of, “with commitment history back to its beginnings” source code for Twitch customers on Mobile, desktop, and video games Code related to software development kits (SDKs) and internal AWS services used by Twitch, a Steam competitor not released by Amazon Game Studios, data on other Twitch properties such as IGDB and CurseForge, and thus Twitch’s internal security tools.

The Verge notes that the leak does not appear to include the password or address information of Twitch users, but that does not mean that this information was not obtained as part of the breach. In fact, the leaker appears to have focused on sharing the company’s tools and information for Twitch, rather than code that might include personal accounts. There is more to come.

According to information from The Verge, Twitch has not yet commented on the event.