RoundedTB Pc To turn the edges of the taskbar into a round shape

In Windows 11, the taskbar got a lot of great modifications, including the rounded edges, which is one of the best features of Windows 11, which made its design wonderful, as it makes you feel that the window is floating, but what you do not know is that you can apply this feature to the taskbar of Windows 10 with ease and we will learn how in that post.

RoundedTB is a free and open source 10 program that converts the edges of the taskbar to a circular shape and removes empty spaces with the click of a button. Download the program from the link at the bottom of the post and after running the program you will get this simple interface, you can adjust the circle edges from the Margin and Corner raduis option, then click on the Apply button to apply the changes immediately

Then the taskbar will turn to the rounded edges

And from the Advanced button, you will get more options, for example, the Dynamic mode option will delete the empty spaces in the taskbar

The nice thing about the program is that it works with other taskbar customization programs without any conflict
Note: This program is in its trial version. If you encounter any problems, close it from the task manager and restart Window Explorer from the task manager as well.

Download RoundedTB: Microsoft StoreGithub