Samsung Galaxy A21 explodes at an airport in the United States

The plane was evacuated due to the explosion of a Samsung smartphone

Passengers on an Alaska Airlines flight that landed at Seattle Airport were evacuated from New Orleans after one of the passenger’s phones caught fire.

Although the equipment could not be identified on fire, a Seattle Airport spokesperson told The Verge that it was a Samsung Galaxy A21.
During an interview with a Seattle airport police officer, the phone’s owner said his phone was a Samsung Galaxy A21. “We couldn’t confirm that by looking at the remnants of the package,” the spokesperson said.

Although no serious injuries were reported, two passengers were taken to a nearby hospital due to smoke from the explosion inside the cabin.

This situation makes us go back to what happened in 2016 with the Galaxy Note 7, a phone that caused many explosions in different countries of the world due to battery manufacturing problems; In fact, one of these explosions also occurred on a plane.

Due to the situation, the Federal Aviation Administration at the time banned passengers from boarding any flight with the Galaxy Note 7. In the end, Samsung pulled all phones from the market to avoid any kind of accident.

So far everything seems to indicate that this incident is an isolated case, as there are no reports in other parts of the world that the Galaxy A21 has battery problems. In fact, many phone explosions are caused by deterioration caused by the use of non-recommended chargers, or physical damage caused by users.