Samsung reveals a secret about its new foldable phones

Samsung is probably the mobile brand most committed to foldable phones. The first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold was not very successful, but the South Koreans have been releasing new versions year after year and correcting errors.

Today it has in its catalog the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, two foldable phones that, far from perfect, are the best that the South Korean company has launched in 2021. And now, Samsung is revealing one of its best secrets. We are talking neither more nor less than all the resistance tests that these phones had to undergo before being launched on the market.

As Samsung itself reveals, it had to design an innovative way to develop and test these devices. In this way, she says, they spent years running thousands of tests until they found the result they were looking for, two foldable phones that maintain the highest standards of durability possible.

These tests consist of placing phones in a room to adjust their temperature. This way phones are tested at room temperature, which is hotter, cooler, and even humid. Then it is immersed in water to test its resistance to this element.

Another test consists of a robot that draws straight lines with the S Pen. Finally, phones are folded about 200,000 times which equates to roughly five years of average use.

Foldable phones still have some issues and they are quite expensive too. But with each generation reaching the market, they are more attractive to the consumer. Obviously, in the not-too-distant future, this type of device will become so standard that we will probably all carry a foldable smartphone in our pocket.