Show the battery level in a professional and beautiful way on your phone

Battery Meter Overlay‏ APK for Android Offline

Battery Meter Overlay‏ APK for Android

Adding new and exclusive things to your phone is great and greatly increases your friends’ admiration for the phone, especially if you will benefit from this thing, this is very good, and today I will present to you a new application that adds a very distinct icon on your phone screen.

This icon is represented in displaying the battery percentage in a very professional way and you can choose the colors of the icon according to your convenience and also you can change the icon to several different shapes, all of which are wonderful on each other, this application that adds this feature on your phone screen is called battery meter Overlay and you will find a link to download it below The post, after downloading and installing it on your Android phone, you open it and then indicate this option to activate the application.

Immediately after that, you will notice the appearance of an icon above the middle of the screen of your phone that displays the battery percentage professionally. You can control the colors of this icon through the color options, and you can also change the shape of the icon to many and varied forms, and as I told you earlier that they are all wonderful on each other.

Download link: battery meter Overlay