Some employees announce their rejection of Apple’s new plan to work

It seems that Apple’s transition from the work system from home to the return to the offices does not satisfy at least the employees, and it seems that these employees want to escalate and do not agree with the plan of the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, which he included in an internal message to employees, which portends a new tension.

According to the BBC, Apple employees launched a campaign to push the company to reverse its new decision to return to offices after more than a year of working from home, which was issued in an internal memo to employees issued by CEO Tim Cook, where Employees are calling for more flexibility, and in a letter to employees they noted: “Without the inclusion that flexibility brings, many of us feel we have to choose between a combination of our families, our well-being, enable us to do our best work, or be part of Apple, over the course of the year. In the past, we often felt unheard of, but at times actively ignored.” Employees noted that Apple’s policy has already caused a number of employees to resign.

And the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC” indicated in a report last week that CEO Tim Cook sent an internal company-wide letter to employees last Wednesday, in which he indicated that Apple wanted its employees to return to the offices by next September, according to the BBC. Cook, workers must return to their offices for at least three days a week. Some employees will be given the option to work the remaining two days remotely.

And according to the BBC, quoting Apple’s internal message, teams that require working in person for four or five days a week will have to attend, and Apple has also told employees that they will be able to apply for the opportunity to work remotely for two weeks a year, and with However, managers will need to approve requests to work remotely. And Tim Cook, like other CEOs, seems not to have been enthusiastic about the idea of ​​working from home.

“Despite all that we have been able to achieve while so many of us have been apart, the truth is that there has been one fundamental thing missing from the past year: each other,” Tim Cook said in the internal letter to staff. “Video calling certainly narrowed the distance between us, but there are things that simply cannot be replicated.” “I know I’m not alone in missing the buzz of energy, creativity, collaboration in our in-person meetings, and a sense of the community we all built.”