Some new information about Apple’s smart glasses for virtual reality

New information emerges about Apple's smart glasses for virtual reality

For a while, we have been hearing about Apple’s work on developing smart glasses for augmented reality, which is still clear, as the company has not yet revealed anything important in this regard, and information is still scarce, but new information about these glasses may Posted in the last few hours.

And Wccftech indicates that augmented reality glasses from Apple may be two to four years away, and according to a report by Mark Gorman of Bloomberg Economics, the reporter made a series of predictions during his Power On newsletter, and drew attention to an interesting part related to the development of glasses. smart technology giant. Apparently, it may be several years before consumers get a feel for what it means to wear a pair of smart glasses, but before such a product is realized.

Next year, Apple could preview its own AR headset, which you may need to pair with your iPhone to unlock all of its functions, according to the report. Then some of the augmented reality features belonging to the headset could make their way into AR glasses, which we believe are Apple’s most ambitious consumer-focused project that has been in various reports and rumors for some time.

On the other hand, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirms that these smart glasses will be launched in 2025, and it is possible to take some features from the larger mixed reality headset.