Some iPad 9 features never seen before on Apple tablets

iPad 9 will bring a feature never seen before on Apple tablets

Although Apple did not send out invitations to the press for the classic launch event in September, several rumors indicate that the company was planning to hold one event per month over the next three months, with new iPhones and iPads to be announced in the month of March. September. Other events target the new Macs, Apple Watch, and AirPods 3.

DigiTimes report revealed that one of the iPads to be unveiled in September is the 9th generation iPad, which will not have significant design changes compared to the 8th generation iPad. However, it will have an advantage never seen before on Apple tablets.
According to DigiTimes, Apple is considering including a titanium chassis in student-focused iPads.

Although this chassis would make the tablet more resistant, the problem is that titanium is much more expensive to get than aluminum, so not only will Apple have to increase the cost of the tablet, but it will spend more resources in acquiring this material, which could also be counterproductive under its rhetoric of becoming a company that produces the least pollution possible.

This isn’t the first time an Apple product with a titanium chassis has been discussed, as other rumors suggest the company will also consider launching an Apple Watch with this material.

For his part, Mark Gorman, one of the most respected figures in terms of Apple product leaks, stated that the ninth generation of the iPad will be aimed at students, will be thinner than the previous generation and will have a much faster processor.

Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most famous analysts in his forecasts about Apple products, mentioned that the company plans to bring OLED screens to the iPad Air, as well as move to microLED screens in the iPad Pro.