Sony Confirms That The Essential PS5 Is No Longer Selling At A Loss

Sony announced last February that the PS5 is selling at a loss and hopes to surpass its predecessor’s second fiscal year shipment numbers, and that problem appears to be partially resolved for the time being, according to the CFO’s comments at a recent investor meeting.

Bloomberg reported that the recent investor meeting for the Japanese publisher witnessed statements by Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki confirming that the base model of the PS5, which comes with a built-in drive at $ 499, is no longer sold at a loss at the moment, but the situation is different with the digital version that the company is still losing money.

Although the digital edition is selling at a loss at the moment, those losses are offset by sales of other devices such as PS4 and peripherals, and given that the device was released in the market less than a year ago, these numbers are impressive and pave the way for the Japanese publisher to achieve strong successes in Next period.

The past period saw the PS5 shipped more than 10.1 million units worldwide, and Sony hopes to ship a total of 14.8 million units by the end of the current fiscal year, of which 2.3 million have already been shipped in the current period, with more shipments available and the release of a bunch of the most exclusive titles in the near future, it appears that the company is on the right track to reach this goal.