PUBG is soon returning to India with its new name Battlegrounds Mobile India

South Korean-based company Krafton, which owns the ownership rights to PUBG, has released teasers related to a new game called Battlegrounds Mobile India designed specifically for the country of India.
After the Indian government announced last September that it had banned a group of Chinese applications, about 119, and among these applications was the game of Peggy, and this ban came from the government’s fear of data for users who live in India.

Unblocking the ban on PUBG in India and will return with its new name, Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton tried to isolate itself from the Chinese company Tencent, in order to lift the ban on the game in India.

Two months after the ban began, Krafton said it aims to bring PUBG back to India in some form, and the company has also pledged to invest $ 100 million in the local gaming community.

It seemed clear that PUBG was returning with an Indian version without any connection to Tencent that had caused the game to be banned in the first place.

The teaser suggests that the upcoming game may look a lot like the banned game, and Crafton said in a statement: There is an initial registration period before the game is officially launched in the country.

PUBG game will be removed restrictions because the game is one of the most popular games in India with nearly 50 million monthly active users and this is before PUBG was banned in India, so many people were impatiently waiting for the game to return to the country in order to play again .

Last month, PUBG still has more than 10 million users in India, where many people use a VPN service that enables users to break the government’s ban on the game and other solutions to bypass the geographical restriction on the game.

Krafton said: The game PUBG was developed exclusively for the second largest internet market in the world, and Krafton said that we are cooperating with partners to build an ecosystem for electronic games while regularly providing in-game content, and the company said that the game will come with a series of events for India at the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India .

The game – which uses the Indian flag’s color scheme – clearly delivers its esports ecosystem that is separate from the base game.

This also means that in-game events differ between the two games, so the player base is soon split between the two versions, with a third game called PUBG New State emerging later this year.

And as listed on the game site, Battlegrounds Mobile India will come with a privacy policy that complies with all laws related to data storage.

This may be to avoid any conflict with the Indian government’s insistence that all user data be stored in the country.

The company said: With privacy and data security considered our top priority, we work with partners to ensure data protection and security at every stage we do, and this ensures that users’ privacy rights are respected, and all data collection and storage operations will be fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations in India and the players over there.

Battlegrounds Mobile India includes a number of restrictions aimed at protecting minors (under the age of 18), who must provide a parent or guardian’s phone number in order to play, and daily time and spend is limited to three hours and around $ 95.