Spotify launches Greenroom, a rival app to Clubhouse

As expected, the popular music app Spotify revealed its Greenroom voice chat application, which will be a competitor to Clubhouse, where voice-based applications have turned into one of the most successful applications, especially after the success and wide popularity of the Clubhouse experiment in a short period of time.

The popular music app Spotify, in turn, joined a group of applications that launched its own competitor to the Clubhouse application based on sound, and this comes after the well-known music platform acquired the startup Betty Labs launched in 2018, which is the developer of the Locker Room application launched by in the year 2020, it is in turn an audio application specialized in live sports discussions.

The new Greenroom app is now available on Android and iOS, but as we mentioned, in fact, the Greenroom app is nothing but the Locker Room app, but the new look focuses on a voice-based social network, which is free, and available in a number of countries, but the main interface is available in English. And the user can choose his different centers of interest from among several topics. Apart from the discussion thread controls, the app allows the user to record voice chat sessions which can accommodate up to 1000 users.