Study: Are smart watches more dangerous to drivers than smartphones?

Smart watches are one of the add-ons that have appeared rapidly over the past few years because they provide many advantages, and they are used in all places, including cars while driving, while some consider smartphones to be a threat to drivers, confirms the new brand that takes a look at it Smart watches are more dangerous while driving than smart phones.

In line with The Next Web, with a look through the means of the Tech3Lab study group of HEC Montréal in Canada, the use of smartwatches while riding poses a greater risk to drivers than the smartphones themselves, which have terrible recognition in this area, in conjunction with a look On that it changed to carrying out some tests on 31 drivers as a driving force, with 4 exclusive locations that simulate the actual conditions any driver could encounter at any given time.

“We looked at 31 drivers who were placed in one of all four possible driving conditions. In 3 of the four cases, a remote message was sent to the drivers on their smartphone, smartwatch or via a loudspeaker facility. The drivers needed to respond to this message. The fourth case is an exclusive touch: the drivers got text messages via a smartphone or smartwatch and needed to respond using their smartphone to send a text.”

The specialists add in their report: “We determined that smartwatches were more distracting to drivers than cellular phones, while voice assistants were less distracting. Drivers’ gazes were less focused while driving when they received alerts written on their smartwatches than on their mobile phones. Additionally, drivers were more distracted by written messages than by voice messages.”

The results of the study clearly indicate that smart watches contribute to driver distraction much more than smart phones.