Take pictures with Facebook’s new Ray-Ban Stories glasses

Facebook officially launches Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

Finally, today, September 9, there was a presentation and commercial launch of the first smart glasses developed by Facebook in collaboration with Essilor Luxottica. Its name is Ray-Ban Stories and its cheapest model costs $299. It can be purchased in physical stores and online, but cannot be shipped to all countries. At the moment, the countries selected are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and Italy.

Ray-Ban Stories are smart glasses for taking photos and videos that can be shared from the same device, and they allow you to listen to music and answer phone calls as well. It must be paired with Android or iOS smartphones using an app called Facebook View. To take those photos and record videos, for no longer than 30 seconds, you can use a physical button or a voice command. The LED indicator lights up so people near you know you’re taking pictures.

The glasses are available in 20 different types and five colors, with a range of lenses that include clear, sun, transition, and prescription. The case also serves as a charging station and is designed to be convenient and portable all day long. There is an improved Snapdragon processor inside, but they did not specify the model. The cameras record 5 mega pixel resolution.

To use it, it is necessary to associate them with a phone number and Facebook account. Pictures and videos are stored encrypted in memory. If we lose the glasses and someone who finds them tries to use them with a new phone and another Facebook account, any data and multimedia content on the glasses will be erased automatically. Data privacy and security are emphasized time and time again.

There is more information about the glasses on both the Facebook Reality Labs website and the Ray-Ban Stories website that you can refer to.