Telegram now allows you to make video calls with 1000 people

Telegram announced in a blog post on Friday that group video calls will now allow up to 1,000 users to join and participate.

Telegram has released one of the biggest updates in recent times. There are changes in video calls, but also in other services such as sending video messages or in the playback speed of videos sent to us through chats.
This update is now available for Android mobile phones in the Google Play Store and also for devices in the App Store.

The previous limit of 30 people has been significantly increased to 1,000 participants. Additionally, the company said that it will continue to increase the limit in subsequent updates.

There are also changes to the video messages, with the ability to zoom in, forward or delay, making it easier to see a certain part of it.

Screen sharing now supports audio sharing, which is useful for directing or explaining things.

There are also changes to the normal playback of videos, which allow you to change the speed at which we play them.

Besides these functions, there are changes in stickers, new animated emojis, changes in the lock screen, etc.