That’s why you shouldn’t use one password for all accounts

The password is an effective way to keep accounts secure when registering on different platforms, although Microsoft wants to replace it with newer technologies, but it is definitely still required when registering with any website. Meanwhile, it appears that advances in hacking have caused security experts to issue a warning not to use a single password for all accounts.

It starts when you register on a website and enter all the information, including the email, and at a certain stage you are asked to enter the password. In the meantime, you may have difficulty obtaining a new password that is easy to remember, and you may enter the same password as your Gmail account!

It should be noted that the password, along with all the information entered, is stored in the hosting of that site, which means that the owner of the site can access it, and thus may cause your email to be hacked.

The problem you face when using one password, especially when registering on suspicious sites, is that you may be hacked, and some sites collect a lot of data and sell it on the dark web, and perhaps the biggest problem will be when you have electronic payment services with the same password.

For some, they may say that the security system is activated, meaning that when you try to log in, the person is asked to enter the phone number, or the message that arrives on the phone number, and although this system is not always activated but the hackers have something extra.

In fact, some users have reported receiving an anonymous Gmail message that they have your password and are writing it for you, saying that they have hacked your device and own your photos, and you have to pay a ransom so they don’t make it public. In fact, these are false claims, however you should hurry to change your password immediately.

It is always recommended to adopt a different password, however if you are having difficulty remembering you can adopt a unified password for any site you want to access and try, and only for important accounts such as Gmail or electronic payment accounts and others you must put a very secure password with activation of additional security options If any.