The feature everyone has been waiting for is coming to WhatsApp soon

WhatsApp users have been waiting for the ability to reply to sent messages for a long time. WhatsApp has announced that it has started testing the feature. It will be possible to use six different emoji for the feedback feature.

Reactions, i.e., the interaction feature has been featured on Facebook and Instagram for a while. This feature, which was recently launched by Twitter but has stopped being used again, allows you to reply to messages sent with different emoji, thus aiming to increase engagement. We will now start seeing this feature on WhatsApp.

Can be used in both individual and group chats

Clues about the feature, which was first revealed by WABetaInfo, have already been shared before, but that hasn’t become official. As per the information that has come out now, WhatsApp will launch this feature in the near future and is currently continuing to make various improvements in this context. Feedback will be available in both individual and group chats.

6 different emoji can be used

According to the information shared, it will be possible to use six different emojis for the feedback feature. He also mentions that these are likes, hearts, laughter, surprise, sad, and thank you emoji. In other words, the WhatsApp feature is very similar to Facebook and Instagram reactions.