The first country to formally object to the new WhatsApp amendments

The new usage law for the chat and instant messaging application WhatsApp, which caused a lot of controversy at the beginning of this year, is still interacting with the emergence of new information all the time, although the new news indicated that WhatsApp retreated from the idea of banning the accounts of users who do not agree with The new adjustments to contain the anger, however, it seems that this is not enough.

It seems that the State of Germany will be the first country to formally object to new updates to WhatsApp

with regard to the use law, as the sources indicate that the German Data Protection Authority, known for short as HmbBfDI or (Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information) announced that Facebook was banned from processing data. WhatsApp personal for his own purposes. The sources say that the new decision is valid for a temporary period of up to three months.

According to the sources, the German Data Protection Authority has set an emergency measure under the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At the same time, given the limited period of the request, the case will be presented to the European Data Protection Council in order to “facilitate a binding decision at the European level,” she says. The commission said that the new update of the use law is illegal, while a Facebook spokesperson told US media that “there is a fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of updating WhatsApp and its impact.”

And WhatsApp said in a message to users in April, “If you do not accept the new terms and conditions of use by 15 May, WhatsApp will not delete your account. However, the operation of your WhatsApp account will be limited until acceptance.

For a short period of time,” You will be able to receive calls and notifications. But you will not be able to read and send messages from the application, which means in practice that WhatsApp with non-approvers will be of no use.

With the approaching date of May 15, which is the date that Watts decided that it will be the date for the application of the new usage laws, there has been renewed discussion of this fact, and it seems that Watts has actually retreated from its decision to delete WhatsApp accounts and make the account limited in the event that these laws are not approved.

This is mainly due to the decision of many users during the past months to leave the application and move towards competing applications.

WhatsApp said that it will start sending messages to users after the date of May 15th in order to urge them to accept the rules of use, without any action from WhatsApp as we indicated, and this is the second retreat of WhatsApp in this regard since the announcement New usage laws at the beginning of the year.