The Joker malware has been discovered again in the Play Store

Despite all the strict security standards for the Google Play Store, the Joker malware soon appeared again and in a number of applications that are heavily downloaded by users, and once again we find ourselves in front of a serious warning about the spread of the virus. this software.

A malicious program called Joker targeting Android phones has been discovered

The security company, Quick Heal Security Labs, announced the discovery of the Joker malware again in the Play Store, and this time the company indicated that the software is present in eight applications in the Play Store, and it is not the first time, as we mentioned, that this application appears in the Google electronic store It was previously spotted for the first time in 2019, and soon reappeared even after Google took the appropriate measures.

According to Quick Heal Security Labs, the eight applications concerned with this software are: Auxiliary Message

Fast Magic SMS
Free CamScanner
Super Message
Element Scanner
Go Messages
Travel Wallpapers
Super SMS

And the security company called on users to quickly delete these applications from their phones.

A few months ago, the security experts of the Russian company Doctor Web discovered the presence of the first malware in the Huawei Doctor Web online store, and this program bears a very well-known name, which is “Joker”, and it is known that the Joker malware was detected as we indicated in The Google Play Store has been around for a while, and just as this malware spread quickly on Android phones, it wasn’t much different for Huawei.