The new FIFA 22 teaser video appears!

Electronic Arts” is still promoting its famous football simulation game FIFA 22, by releasing a new teaser video after the first video it released on July 12, and the new video can be considered another stage in the game’s introduction as it is based on clarification of the feature HyperMotion,

The new HyperMotion technology basically boils down to fixing how individual players move. So that Electronic Arts has already captured the movements of 11 players in full in 11 football matches for the purposes of creating a more realistic way for teams to play on the game, according to the specialized website Games Radar, which is what appears through the video that the company succeeded in greatly, and more were captured. of 8.7 million images, then converted into data and animation. Add to this the revamped ball physics, reworked AI that is more responsive and reliable than it was in the past,

And on July 12, Electronic Arts released the first teaser video as it came only one day after the end of the Euro competitions, and as can be seen, most of the teaser video is footage from the real world, focusing on what EA calls HyperMotion technology – a combination of Machine learning and motion capture taken from high-intensity gameplay.

As a reminder, FIFA 22 will be available on PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series starting October 1st.