The new Metal Slug: Commander game is available on Android and iPhone

You can now play the new Metal Slug: Commander game on your Android and iPhone!

Do you like Metal Slug and card games? You should try out the new game called Metal Slug: Commander which just landed on Google Play Store. In this game, instead of controlling a soldier as in classic Metal Slug, you will be a commander who deploys and manages troops at different levels through a card system.

Because it is actually a card game. You will just have to strategize the battle and order special attacks every once in a while. The game is about collecting cards to improve your troops and make better combinations of characters. Now that it’s available on Android and iOS, let’s take an in-depth look at it.

In each mission of Metal Slug: Commander, you will have to fight with a team of five characters. These can be soldiers and slugs. You have to arrange them in two battle lines: the one in the foreground and the one in the background. Characters will fight against opponents that appear in their ranks.

Each character’s basic attacks are automatically launched on their own. So, your task will be to manage and improve your team and collect cards to design different strategies.

Since it’s a PvE game (you only fight against the machine, not against other players), you have the option of speeding up the battles to quickly decode whether or not your strategy is working.

Although Metal Slug: Commander is still technically in beta, it is now playable worldwide, downloaded through the Google Play Store and the App Store. The game is free, but you have small payments to buy in-game money and some extras.

Game download link: Android
Game download link: IOS