The new paint program in Windows 11

At the end of this year, Microsoft will release Windows 11 for free to all those who have a genuine version of Windows 10, and whose PC meets the minimum requirements to run the next version.

One of the most important developments in Windows 11 is the visual change in the interface that is based on the Fluent Design font, so many programs will also have a modification in the interface when Windows 11 becomes available.

Microsoft’s classic Paint and Photo editor will come back from the dead with Windows 11, because after the company announced in 2017 that paint was an outdated program and was removing it from Windows to offer it only to anyone who wanted to install it in the Microsoft Store, the company has now shared an image of what Paint would look like. New” in Windows 11.

Rudy Huyn, a developer who worked with the Windows Phone team, is one of the people responsible for redesigning Paint, which has Fluent Design in its design.

At first glance, the new Paint doesn’t have new functionality, but it’s just a facelift that shows rounded edges, simplified icons, and many more WinUI elements.

Another program on offer that will also launch a change in appearance is the Photos app, which by default is Photo Gallery in Windows 10 (and will continue in Windows 11).

The most important visual change in the Photos app is the new bottom roller with which it is easier to identify the photos on the computer to go directly to the photo we want to see or edit.
These apps won’t be the only ones that have undergone a facelift, so it’s likely that in the coming weeks the company will reveal more aspects of the new visual experience Windows 11 users will find.