The new Samsung smart watch Galaxy Watch 4 PXG Golf

Samsung introduces a new smartwatch Galaxy Watch 4 PXG Golf, but not everyone can buy it for this reason

Although the Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch in the world, that doesn’t mean that other brands can’t take a piece of the pie that represents the smartwatch market. Outside of Apple, Samsung and its Galaxy Watch are among the best choices for Android phone owners thanks to their beautiful designs, functions, and competitive prices.

Now, Samsung also knows how to make exclusive gadgets, among which you should take a look at this special edition of the Galaxy Watch that you probably won’t be able to buy.

As we read on SAMMobile, the South Korean company has just presented a new and exclusive model of the Galaxy Watch 4, a smartwatch with a starting price of 269 euros. But this new version is something different. On the one hand because it is a special edition for golf lovers and on the other hand because it will only be sold in South Korea or what is the same that outside of these limits it would be impossible to obtain.

Samsung states that this Galaxy Watch 4 PXG Golf Edition is aimed at all golfers who want the functionality of a smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch 4 and who in turn want to carry their luxury product on their wrist.
The watch is made entirely of cowhide leather which provides a truly excellent experience. It will have two sizes (40 or 44) and will start at $505. Of course, it will have golf apps pre-installed so that playing the sport remains rewarding.