The reason why people are sad and anxious when using social media

Just as a study confirms that a mobile phone screen can make you unhappy, it appears that social networks can breed sadness and anxiety. You may start using a social network with the best intentions, but you will definitely end up getting distracted and comparing yourself to other people.

Social networks arose so that people could better communicate and organize themselves, but they also seem to be made so that people become addictive, but… why are social networks so addictive?

It seems like social networks want you to spend as much time on them as possible, so they show you an endless amount of content to keep you entertained. The emotions you feel while browsing a social network are definitely due to comparing yourself to others.

Fake news and trolling in many social networks can affect your emotions in different ways, generally in men, causing anger and depression in women. Tech platforms know what to do to make you feel some emotion and may even want to act weird.

Likewise, not all of the blame lies with social networks. Surely at some point you have compared yourself to someone on social networks and this affects your self-esteem. You want something you’ve seen and it makes you anxious. In a certain way, the above behavior is normal in humans, but you must know how to control your emotions and know what is good or bad for you.

There are many emotions that a social network can make you feel and generally these are the emotions that make you addicted to social platforms. It is recommended that you know how to quit addiction to social networks.

What are the things that social networks do that you do not stop using them?

Mobile phones are the main tool used by social media networks so that they use their platforms constantly and in fact mobile phones also affect the mental health of young people.

In addition to mobile phones, social platforms regularly study user experience on their platforms and behavioral sciences. So social networks modify any element as long as you feel better using their platforms.

With the above in mind, you can avoid sadness or anxiety caused by social networks if you reduce the time you spend on those platforms. That is why it is better to learn to leave your mobile phone and social networks from time to time.