These are the best times to post on Tiktok to make your video popular

Do you upload videos on TikTok without paying attention to the timeline? If your answer is “yes”, we want to tell you that you are doing the wrong thing. Like other social networks, on TikTok, there are times when it is crucial for a post to reach more people.

By posting videos at times when users tend not to use the app, they tend to have less access, and what does it mean that they have less access? Well, they will receive fewer views.
If you want all the work you do creating content on TikTok to be worth it, you should post your videos at the times when more users are online, what are those times? Keep reading here we will show you in detail.

According to studies conducted by several companies specializing in social networking, TikTok follows an unusual pattern when it comes to wait times. Being a platform where most videos are less than 30 seconds long, users open the app at almost any time. That is why the hourly difference is so wide, which is not the case in other social networks.

In short, the best times to post videos on TikTok are given below:

Monday 6:00 am / 10:00 am / 10:00 pm.

Tuesday 2:00 am / 4:00 am / 9:00 am.

Wednesday 7:00 am / 8:00 am / 11:00 pm.

Thursday 9:00 am / 12:00 pm / 7:00 pm.

Friday 5:00 am / 1:00 pm / 3:00 pm.

Saturday 11:00 am / 7:00 pm / 8:00 pm.

Sunday 7:00 am / 8:00 am / 4:00 pm.

Yes, it does not matter which country you are in, as these times were chosen taking into account all the countries in which you are located. Last but not least, in addition to posting in the times we showed you, we recommend uploading videos from CapCut to TikTok. This will make your videos more popular.