This company broke a record in selling 100 million phones in the world

According to information from Strategy Analytics, realme is the smartphone brand that has managed to sell the 100 fastest phones on the planet, thus surpassing the record set by Xiaomi, which took just over 40 months to reach that number.

The analytics company stated that it had already taken 37 months to sell 100 million phones worldwide from realme, so at the moment it is the company that has done it the fastest.


This company broke a record in selling 100 million phones in the world

Strategy Analytics revealed that only 16 brands have sold over 100 million units in the last 27 years of history. Among the top 7, Samsung was the company that took the longest, taking just over 6 years to reach 100 million units, while Apple achieved this number in nearly 4 years.

Realme’s sales grew by 175% in China only during the first half of 2021, which also makes it the fastest growing company in the Chinese market to date.

Another significant achievement of the company occurred in India, where it went from zero shipments in the second quarter of 2018 to 14% of the market share in the second quarter of 2021, i.e., in just 3 years it has already managed to infiltrate the India market to become a top 5 brand Most of the phones are sold in India.

Although realme does not appear as a brand among the top 5 global companies, the brand belongs to OPPO, a company that already appears among the five companies that sell the most phones quarter by quarter in the world.