This is how fast the new Wifi 7 is

Although 5G is one of the most promising wireless communication technologies over the next few years, new Wi-Fi standards will not be left behind, and in a few years could be the best choice for both home and public networks.

Although WIFI 7 isn’t expected until 2024, Intel has already foreseen some of the benefits we’ll see in this new standard, which will be four times faster than WIFI 6.

Intel guarantees that WIFI 7 will be able to deliver at least 30Gbps connections, while the theoretical maximum speed can be up to 48Gbps, nearly 5 times the theoretical speed that WIFI 6E can reach with 9.6 gigabits per second.

Thinking about home networks that fast is crazy, so WIFI 7 in your home will make a huge leap compared to WIFI 6. However, speed is not the only benefit of this technology.

WIFI 7 can be used in 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz channels simultaneously so you can choose which channel to use based on device characteristics and connection time.

On the other hand, this WIFI will launch Multi-Link Operation (MLO) technology, which will lead to lower latency compared to WIFI 6E.

On the other hand, Intel states that WIFI 7 will not only have an overall better experience with coverage and speed, but will also improve the energy efficiency of the connected devices, although it did not provide tangible data compared to WIFI 6E.