This site allows access to all blocked sites.. Watch anything blocked

Using pirate sites is not a good option and there are always legal alternatives that allow us to access content for free or for little money. This is why many countries block websites that promote these practices. In response to blocking attempts from many countries, they have changed their domain and are now available on

This site has recently gained a lot of popularity in all countries thanks to the fact that it allows us to access live streams or direct download pages that the authorities usually closed or that changed the field in recent years. Instead of having to search one by one where these services are now running, the web shows them with a simple link that we have to click to access. Although we must keep in mind that unblocking these pages does not make them safe, legal or the best option for finding the content you provide.

The web page is simply a site where we find buttons arranged by categories: torrent, schedules, sports, live, music and books. All you have to do is search for the website you want and click the corresponding button to enter it.

In all countries, web pages are blocked or domains that make blocked copyrighted files available to users,

such as series, movies or football matches, are blocked., as we said, provides access to blocked sites by updating the URLs that are working at that moment or by giving us the option with another proxy.

When any of them are detected closed, a new access address is quickly enabled. But it is not always possible to have an alternative to closed and blocked web pages. The great advantage of the site is that it keeps the domains up to date in case of changes without having to search for them one by one when they are closed.

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