TikTok is working on new features Get to know them

TikTok, which has been ranked among the most popular apps in the world for a while, is developing new features. These features include avatar creation, live audio streaming, and much more. Working on the features of social media apps, Matt Navarra announced some of the features that TikTok is working on.

TikTok is developing new features: This is what we have

With the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in the world, the demand for applications on the phone has increased. As a result, emerging apps like TikTok have gained millions of new users. In this context, the application does not neglect to improve its features with the increase in the number of users. Among the features that Matt Navarra has discovered are useful features such as avatar creation, keyword filtering, new group chats, audio-only live broadcasts, and live screen sharing.

Of course, the most striking feature among these is the creation of user avatars, which many applications have begun to offer. The Bitmoji Avatar feature, which has been on Snapchat for a long time, is also coming to TikTok. In this context, users will be able to create similar avatars for themselves if they wish.

Another feature expected to be added to TikTok, keyword filtering can be used to search for specific hashtags and categories. This feature will be just like Twitter. In the Live Audio Broadcasting feature, users will only be able to use their voice when broadcasting live.