Tinder deletes thousands of accounts, are you one of the affected users?

Everything seems to indicate that Tinder is not having a good time. After experiencing a global outage, the world’s most used dating app has become embroiled in an even more serious problem.

According to the posts seen on Twitter, Tinder deleted thousands of accounts, or rather the issue that caused the dating app to stop for about 3 hours today, caused many accounts to be deleted by mistake.

If you’re one of the affected, we advise you to calm down, because Tinder makes backups daily, so what does this mean? That the accounts profile rolls, messages and other data can be recovered by the company itself and thus recover deleted accounts.

Although it is not known why Tinder is down around the world today, everything seems to indicate that the problem is with the servers that the dating app is using.

Due to the issue that left millions of users without access, many people (hundreds of thousands) noticed that their account was deleted overnight.
Deleted Tinder account can be recovered, you don’t need to have Tinder Gold, you just need to contact Tinder support.