Trickbot virus is one of the most dangerous viruses, protect yourself from it

Trickbot, the most dangerous virus is back again but more dangerous than ever and it is difficult for even major companies to remove.. How to protect yourself

According to data from Check Point Research, Trickbot is the malware that infected most devices in 2021. Since May, it is still the most searched computer virus on the Internet. Reason? Its cutting-edge ability is a constantly updated Trojan with capabilities and features that are virtually impossible to remove completely!

But worst of all, the creators of Trickbot, a Russia-based cross-border group of cybercriminals, are already working to revamp Turquoise’s infrastructure to outpace recent efforts by cybersecurity forces to counter it, The Hacker News reports. In fact, the new abilities gained by Trickbot have already been discovered after its latest update.

The team behind Trickbot has further complicated the virus’s espionage tactics. The new capabilities of this malware allow it to monitor and collect information about victims, using a personal communication protocol that hides data transmissions between the hackers and victims’ servers. This makes detecting attacks more difficult.

In addition, the researchers said they have identified a “visualization tool” that attackers use to interact with victims through servers.

Trickbot is unpredictable and hard to eliminate

Trickbot doesn’t just infect computers. It has also been detected on third-party servers and devices such as DSL routers, which are used to host and spread more malware. As if that weren’t enough, Trickbot operators are constantly spinning infected IP addresses and hosts to make it as difficult as possible to interrupt their crime. So much so, that attempts by Microsoft and the US Cyber Command to stop it were in vain.

How do you protect yourself?

Our recommendation is always the same: avoid downloading and installing files from unofficial (or trusted) sources on your computer and always check the address of the web pages you visit. By following these two basic scripts, it is very difficult for malware to infect your device.