Twire app to watch Twitch content without ads and more

Twire app to watch Twitch content without ads and morehosts live videos only, and therefore the majority of the platform users find them players who host and participate in sports events as you will find all kinds of other video content, and Twitch users can browse the service through a web browser or from the official application of the YouTube system. Operating iOS or Android. Through the Twitch app,

you can enjoy all the live video content without restrictions, and moreover, the Twire app allows you to enjoy the Twitch broadcasting service without forcing ads and in a really simple way. The application is open source and has the advantage of being free of ads, and it is compatible for downloading on devices running the older Android 4.1 system. Go to full screen mode, display the chat window only, and change the resolution of the broadcast you’re watching.

Once you download the Twire app on your smartphone, you will find that it displays a selection of the best broadcast content available, and through the settings of the app you can choose the type of content you want to appear in your news feed, so you can enjoy a fully customizable experience easily

You can follow the live broadcast in a thumbnail and know the name of the channel, the number of viewers and the title, you will also find the chat interface on the screen window, and you can switch to full screen mode or view the chat only, or change the broadcast quality in the options available on the page

To access additional features, Twitch users can log in with their account for more functionality, for example you can follow or unfollow the list of live video content, and use the in-app search to find streams or games based on the series you enter.