Twitter is testing a great feature to compete with Facebook

Social media platforms are no longer just ordinary sites to publish the private activities of users or to follow celebrities and private pages, but have gradually turned to provide services of buying, selling and electronic shopping, which is what Facebook has succeeded in in particular, and it seems that Twitter is going in the same direction.

Twitter said in a tweet on its official account on the platform: “Come to Twitter to tweet, follow live events, and now … to shop. We are testing the Shop Module feature on iOS. Get the products you want from the places you love – right from the profile Brand Profile.


And Twitter said that the user will be able to get the products they want in the places they love, directly from the profile of the brand in question, the new feature called “Shop Module” is initially available only for a few brands in the United States.

Advertisers will be able to add a Shop Module to their profiles, where users will browse through different products without leaving the app to see their features and even make a purchase.