Types of external storage cards and which one is best for your phone

External storage cards are among the most used accessories in Android phones, because they in turn enable a large number of Android phone users to add storage space in the phone that helps it to download and put in it a group of files and data that may be the reason for filling the phone’s storage memory, and as it is known The prices of the external storage card vary from one to the other, but this difference in most cases is related to the type of storage card you purchased, so I will share with you the best types of storage cards in the market.

Among the most popular types currently in the market and sold on the Internet, we find the following:


This type is considered the most used by users of Android phones that have KitKat 4.4 and below, the storage ratio ranges from 128 MB to 2 GB, and it is supported by FAT16


It differs from the previous type only in the percentage of storage that starts from 4 GB to 32 GB, and it is one of the types that we find currently on the Internet and its price starts from 13 dollars.


This type of storage card is only sold at the request of the customer, as the storage space starts from 64 GB up to 2 TB, which is equivalent to a computer hard disk, and one of its most prominent features is that it plays a number of important roles, the first role is data storage, The second is to help the RAM in processing phone data quickly, and its function is very similar to an SSD hard disk.

Branded Micro SD:

This type of storage card is considered one of the worst existing storage cards because it is fake, as it bears a group of companies’ names that do not exist, and we find it often with some sellers in the Arab markets, which are exported from China, and one of its most prominent defects is data destruction after placing them in External storage card automatically.

Data Transfer Speed:

All storage cards that we know have a special role, which is to store information of all kinds, no more, no less, but this type does not store data, but it helps the RAM in your phone to process data faster, and the price of this type of card is A bit extravagant.

Class 2 Cards:

Storage cards with standard specifications, and this is the type that was used with Android phones 6 years ago.

Class 4 and 6 Cards:

This type of external storage card enables you to store photos, data and videos with a large area, and one of its most important advantages over the previous card is that this type is characterized by a higher data transfer rate than the previous type.

Class 10 Cards:

It is one of the best external storage cards that are used with modern phones, and its data rate is superior to all previous types.

UHS-I/II Cards:

One of the latest technologies in the field of making storage cards, as this type of storage card is considered one of the best storage cards at all, and it has features that are not found in computers, but its price is very high and may sometimes reach Hundreds of dollars depending on the manufacturer.

This was a set of external storage card types that I shared with you so you can see for yourself which type of storage card is right for you