Union Metrics’ free service to find out the best time to post on Instagram

Instagram is more than just a social network to connect with users, it is now one of the powerful marketing tools to promote services and generate significant revenue for your professional project.

However, this is not achieved as easily as some think, but it requires a study of a number of factors and strategies for e-marketing, including knowing the appropriate timing for publishing our content.

In this case, we must mention that you do not have to be a marketing expert to track and monitor data related to your Instagram account, as there are now a set of easy-to-use tools that can simplify this process for us with ease.

Be aware that it is important to understand how your audience responds to your Instagram content, in some cases the engagement rate of your account posts can be more important than the number of your followers, and always check which posts generate the most likes, comments and shares.

Because this allows you to know what your audience wants to see, and ignoring it may cause you to post content that boring or offending your audience, and in the long run they will lose interest and unfollow you.

Some Instagram analytics tools display a summary about your audience’s gender, location, and age, through which you can see when your audience is online and customize your posting schedule to match this information. Posts, and among the useful data you provide is knowing the number of active users at a given time, in this way you are more likely to increase the number of interactions in your post and improve its visibility within the social network Instagram.

A very easy-to-use tool that only requires you to open an account with the service via your email and log into your Instagram account within the page.


After connecting your Instagram account to the tool, the service will analyze your profile and create graphs with statistics for each post, and all you have to do is place the cursor in any area of the graph to show the number of users online at that time.


This way you will find a complete summary of when to post on Instagram, which will definitely have a positive impact on your project.