Update your Google Chrome browser or you will lose some features

If you’re one of those who prefer not to update their apps, we have bad news for you: you may be left without some of the functionality of Google Chrome.

Over time, all applications release new versions to improve their security, renew some aspects, or because it is necessary to adapt to the hardware. We usually recommend upgrading for security reasons.

Now in case you haven’t updated Google Chrome for a long time, the company will push you to do so by blocking some functions, such as syncing between devices.

The limitation will reach Google Chrome version 48 and earlier, these browsers that can already be considered outdated will not sync with the rest of the devices where you own your account, according to Android Police.

Correct it’s been five years since Chrome 48 was released, but it’s also true that some users delay updating so much that they only do so when they have no other choice.

Anyway, the new stable version Chrome 96 will be released soon, you have two weeks before this stable version reaches everyone’s computers and phones, but there is no reason to wait. If you are running an old browser version, go ahead and hit the update button or download a newer version from this link.